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    Generating Disproportionate ROI From Your Digital Advertising Spend

    As a marketer, you are always concerned about authenticity of your digital advertising campaigns; are they providing results that are accountable? Are they really helping to drive revenue for the business? Till today, most marketers follow the most apparent way to measure digital advertising RoI (Return on Investment), i.e. through metrics that directly relate to […]

    Drive More Power To Your Social Media Marketing Using DMP

    Did You Know, around 74 percent of online adults use social networking sites (Source) and there are more than 2 billion active social media accounts (Source)? Well, people are using the social media in different ways to interact with businesses and brands. On the other hand, social media provides a wealth of new opportunities for […]

    5 Ways DMP Wins Over Manual Approaches

    5 Ways DMP Wins Over Manual Approaches

    The digital marketing era has created endless opportunities for the brands to connect with their consumers and make an impression. But, it also brings along with it challenges of handling massive amounts of user-generated data across numerous platforms, making manual handling of data, a strenuous activity. Data can prove out to be a very valuable […]