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    DMP utility – For Marketers and Publishers

    A company size, industry, or revenue doesn’t really matter – Today all advertisers and media companies (publishers) want to make the most of their audience information and leverage the power of data to support relevant communications and offers. When it comes to managing data, advertisers and publishers follow a much more refined process than before. […]

    Multichannel marketing campaign – Guide To Get It Right

    In this age of multiple screens, multichannel marketing is one reality which no marketer can ignore. And with the emergence of numerous marketing channels with significant audience participation, designing and implementing an effective multichannel marketing strategy becomes a MUST; but One Massive Challenge. According to research from Lewis, “Multichannel marketing is being widely practiced, with […]

    Moving Programmatic Advertising In-House With DMP

    Programmatic advertising is an algorithm-driven targeting of ad units to a specific set of audiences, this is a new trend which has rapidly picked up a lot of attention especially with the marketers. Yes, programmatic is creating huge waves in the world of digital advertising and has become the new norm of this industry. Research […]

    Marketing With A DMP: Best Use Cases For Marketers

    Many marketers consider DMP to be just another piece of technology used for audience targeting. Agreed! This is one of the basic use cases of DMP, but do you even know this tool can do much more that? DMP is an important element of the data-driven marketing landscape; these sophisticated platforms house a multitude of […]

    Look Alike Modeling – Reach More Of Your Right Customers

    Every marketer faces this constant challenge of finding new prospects and further converting them into customers. Also, marketers are unremittingly working towards new advertising strategies which would increase their reach to a larger set of audiences. Sadly, their marketing spend doesn’t pay back, and still, there is this increasing need to focus their ad spend […]

    Identity Management – The Game Changer In Marketing Personalization

    The digital marketing landscape is rapidly changing, and guess what, there is just no sign of slow down. Consumers have adapted themselves to a multi-screen world, they behave much differently today and their demands are totally sky-rocketing. Marketing is quickly moving away from untargeted push-messaging to people-based marketing, yes, one-to-one marketing is the new norm […]

    How Location Based Targeting Is Changing The Face Of Retail

    Location is one of the most powerful pointers of consumers purchase intent. By identifying customer’s behavioral patterns, retailers can easily recognize and reach their desired audiences who are in the market with personalized and relevant marketing messages. This helps the retailers to increase consumer engagement, and ultimately their consideration to purchase. According to a research […]

    How DMP Helps In Digital Marketing Campaign Management

    Unlike before, today’s marketers have superior access to data, and this data in real has the power to paint a complete picture of the consumers they are targeting. But sadly, data resides in silos, thus managing it is quite a big challenge. Data silos totally prevent marketers from developing a single or cohesive view of […]